How we work with brands

Strategic alliances are a proven way to grow your business and reach new audiences. As a voice in the luxury community, we help you gain exposure and market leverage by reaching new audiences and showcasing your products, new launches, events and initiatives.

Our strength is that we genuinely have a passion for excellence and our community

We do this by collaborating with brands and creating value-added content that is shared across our social community & others to build engagement around your brand.

Our strength is that we genuinely have a passion for excellence and our community appreciates the effort we go to in detailing features and engaging with them as if they were our own products.

We are open to strategic partnerships and collaborating on product launches, events, competitions, charitable initiatives and anything else you think may be suitable to build business for your brand.

We would love to hear from you so please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

How we work with individuals

For individuals we are also able to provide bespoke luxury asset research and buying services.

Dealing with luxury brands on a daily basis, we are “in-the-know” and whether it be a new supercar, yacht, aircraft, watch or luxury gift, we work with you to determine the specifications of your project and can also use our industry contacts to negotiate on your behalf, getting the best price and delivering within the time frame required.

We understand that for some people the experience of researching, sourcing and negotiating their Billionaire Toy is half the fun and we would still love to be a part of that, but for others, they simply do not have the time and prefer a personal concierge service.

About Brenon

“I’m focused on promoting luxury brands in the digital economy. As we increasingly live out our lives online, our conversations, opinions, research, decisions and choices are making their way around the world at a record pace. Communities that never existed before due to geographical barriers now form overnight. It has never been so easy to feel lost and at the same time, so easy to be found. The right information can have you on track in seconds and being in the right place can propel you forward into the exciting future that lies ahead.

To benefit from the new opportunities that are being created daily requires an ability to learn and adapt; an ability to perceive and discern, that as the world moves forward, we must move forward and those among the first become the leaders.

I believe in an exciting future for the luxury market in a digital economy. There’s a world waiting to embrace and enjoy the timeless principles of heritage, emotion, passion, inspiration and fine craftsmanship.

The spirit of excellence compels me daily to become better, to live better and to experience life better. May you reach your full potential.”

— Brenon Melse



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