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Nuvolari Lenard Design is an Italian luxury yacht design firm, well known around the world for their Italian styling over the past 25 years. Nuvolari Lenard specialises in exterior & interior superyacht design, serial production yachts and select residential projects.


Based out of Venice, Italy, Nuvolari Lenard Design was founded in 1992 by naval architect and mechanical engineer Carlo Nuvolari and designer Dan Lenard and now offers concept design, naval architecture, exterior styling and architecture services.

Nuvolari and Lenard first met at the Genoa International Boat Show in the late 1980’s when they were 20 and 25 respectively. Their first project was an 18 metre powerboat which had a production run of 40 and ended up being exported to Sweden, Portugal and even Mauritius.

The team has since grown and the Nuvolari Lenard studio and design center in Venice now houses their 16+ team who work on superyachts ranging from 25metres to 185metres, to be built by companies like Lürssen, Oceanco, CRN, Monte Carlo Yachts, Adler Yachts, and Beneteau.

The center also includes a showroom where the interior architects and owners are able to meet to discuss fixtures and furnishings and sample fabrics, wood types, furniture.

Nuvolari Lenard regularly hosts artists as well to exhibit paintings and sculptures that owners may wish to include in the styling of their projects.


“Our only speciality is the uniqueness of our creations. The passion for the sea and boats that united Dan and myself in the beginning has not prevented us from taking on luxury property development ventures from time to time. However, it always brings us back to the sea and boats, full of new ideas and an appetite to do new things!

– Carlo Nuvolari

“You ask any cultured person about any kind of design field and ask them to nominate the most important designs, and they’ll always be from the past, because those were emotional objects, crafted by hand….The computer is just at the end. The computer is just the tool to write down the notes of the music.”

– Dan Lenard

Groundbreaking Design

“We are very proud of the design elements we have introduced to the world of yacht design over the years, many of which have since been adopted widely by the industry. For instance, we introduced the concept of having a “feature” swimming pool on the aft of a superyacht, which had never been done before our design for the Oceanco-built motor yacht Alfa Nero, delivered in 2007.”


Hollywood Design

Designed by Nuvolari Lenard, M/Y Seven Seas is the sleek 86m superyacht specially commissioned by movie director Steven Spielberg and built by Oceanco.

We have worked on Venetian taxis, shuttle services for mega yachts, large motor yachts, gigantic sailing yachts over 100 m long, and have also developed whole ranges, such as Monte Carlos, and in all these the unique nature of our designs is the feature that stands out most. Our clients are the best judge of this and when Stephen Spielberg entrusted us with the creation of his private super yacht, it was because he knew that our take on it would be different.”

– Carlo Nuvolari

Award Winning Design M/Y Botti (MY105)

Builder: Monte Carlo Yachts
Exterior Design: Nuvolari Lenard
Interior Design: Nuvolari Lenard


Designed by  Nuvolari Lenard Design and built by Monte Carlo Yachts , M/Y Botti (project name MY105) took out the 2017 World Super Yacht Award in the Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yachts 30m – 33.9m category.

Nuvolari Lenard Superyacht Awards

“With Monte Carlo Yachts we always strive for maximum space and comfort on board, and nowhere is this more evident than inside the MCY 105. This award recognizes the MCY 105 and the painstaking attention given to every single detail, and the intimate, sophisticated atmosphere created both by using only the finest materials and collaborating with the world’s greatest names in fashion and design.”

– Dan Lenard


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