“Flying safely will always be our most fundamental mission”


The Sixth Generation Of The SR22

Through the years, the Cirrus SR product line has been continuously refined and enhanced with improvements to performance, comfort, convenience, and most importantly, safety.

“The Plane With The Parachute”

“What happens if the engine dies or I have a medical emergency that prevents me from flying while I’m in the air?”

It’s a question that you want to have a confident answer to when you’re a pilot and Cirrus delivers the game-changing answer in the form of “CAPS”.

The Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® is a ground-breaking system that when deployed, lowers the entire plane to the ground safely. The concept was created back in 1985 by Alan & Dale Klapmeier, the founders of Cirrus, after Alan was involved in a mid-air collision that resulted in the tragic death of the pilot in the other plane. The death of the pilot seemed preventable to Alan and from that day forward he strived to create a safer plane. This unique system has already saved so many lives in many diverse situations.

Cirrus Perspective+™ by Garmin® Cockpit

10″ Screens upgradable to 12″
All-Digital Bluetooth® Audio and Avionics Panel
Upload flight plans, media and music wirelessly
QWERTY Keyboard Controller
Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™)
Dual WAAS GPS/Comm/Nav Radios
Engine & Fuel Monitoring
GFC 700 Autopilot including:
– Perspective Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP)
– Dual AHRS
– Hypoxia Check/Automated Descent Mode
– Blue Level Button for disorientation situations
– Autopilot Stall Protection

Spectra™ Wingtip Lighting

From the leading edge through to the trailing edge of the wingtip you will find one continuous string of lighting in one form or another.
Wingtips light up when plane is unlocked via the remote and the Cirrus Spectra™ wingtip lighting increases brightness two-fold. Automotive-style wingtip halo lighting automatically operates within 300’ of the surface, and pulsing “wig-wag” functionality above 300’ maximizes visibility to others giving the SR22 G6 a remarkable presence.

Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP)

Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP) by Garmin is a passive system that works in the background to subtly correct unusual flight attitudes of your plane.

  • Operates when autopilot has been disengaged, when hand flying the aircraft.
  • Activates automatically whenever the airplane exceeds one or more flight parameters.
  • Uses autopilot servos and sensors, yet operates even when the autopilot is turned off.
  • Recognizes and helps correct excessive pitch attitude, roll attitude, or airspeed.
  • Augments pilot vigilance: Assists, but does not take control.
  • Can be overridden by the pilot at any time.

Flight Into Known Ice Protection

Both the SR22 and SR22T models are available with Cirrus Flight Into Known Ice (FIKI) Protection – a TKS based weeping-wing anti-ice system that allows pilots to legally fly into known icing conditions (FIKI).The system works by thoroughly coating anti-ice fluid over flight surfaces like the vertical stabilizer and elevator tips, allowing for 150 minutes at Normal flow rate, 75 minutes at High rate and 37.5 minutes of anti-icing at Max rate. The system also utilizes dual windshield sprayers to ensure landing visibility,  a Tanis Engine Pre-Heater, illumination lights on either side of the aircraft for low-light conditions and includes a backup pump for fault-tolerant and redundant operation.Cirrus Perspective+™ by Garmin® integrates SiriusXM datalink to provide weather, icing forecasts and freezing levels as well as other data to constantly inform the pilot at all time.

Enhanced Vision System

The Cirrus Perspective Enhanced Vision System (EVS) lets the pilot see up to 3 times further in low visibility conditions such as night flying, rain or mist. Pilots can approach challenging airports with an increased level of situational awareness and safety. Using fusion technology that combines both visible and infrared light, EVS outlines terrain features, landmarks, cloud buildups – even ground objects such as parked aircraft, animals or personnel – on the PFD or MFD. A heated lens ensures a clear, unobstructed eye on the weather.


Bluetooth® Connect

For ease of use, Cirrus have engineered Bluetooth® into the aircraft audio panel which when paired with Garmin Flight Stream allows connectivity throughout the SR22 cabin. Pilots can now do their flight planning from the comfort of home (or wherever you find yourself!) and transfer flight plans wirelessly from your smart phone to the avionics system using Garmin Pilot™ or ForeFlight.

SiriusXM® technology also allows you to display ADS-B weather, traffic, GPS and AHRS info on your smartphone.

Cirrus Global Connect

  • Worldwide Weather: Nothing is more important to flying than having full knowledge of the weather. With Cirrus Global Connect, worldwide weather is available at the user’s request and owners can choose from a range of weather products such as METARS, TAFS, Winds Aloft, Temperatures Aloft, SIGMETs, Satellite, Lightning, Radar, PIREPs, NOTAMs and TFRs.
  • Satellite Phone: Iridium Communications technology is integrated into the Cirrus Perspective+ Audio system to make calls in-flight through the cabin headsets, enabling pilot and passengers to make private or group calls. With this feature, call for a ride or rental car 30 minutes from your destination, make hotel reservations on a weather diversion or confirm a business meeting.
  • Text Messaging: Send and receive text messages through the Cirrus Perspective+ system. Text messages are input through the Qwerty keyboard and displayed on the MFD screen from wherever you are in the world. May be limited in some areas.*Cirrus Aircraft does not recommend the use of text messaging while piloting an aircraft.

Cirrus 60/40 FlexSeating

Designed to now seat 5 passengers, 60/40 FlexSeating™ features a wider back seat with three over the shoulder seat belts, ten more pounds of useful load and can be folded down for maximum versatility.
3-Position Recline

Backseat passengers can select from three positions to maximize travelling comfort.
Child Seat Restraint System
The Cirrus LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) system works just like those found in automobiles for safe and convenient use of child seats.

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