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March & White is an internationally renowned design & architecture studio that specialises in superyacht interiors, private homes, residential developments and commercial projects.


With headquarters in London and offices in New York and Los Angeles, March & White is a global design house that offers elegant design with an edge.

Founded in 2010 by duo Elliot March and James White, the team now consists of 35+ designers who have an expansive portfolio of projects and a formidable global reputation for uncompromised intelligent creativity.

The full service design approach of March & White allows clients the luxury of having their project handled in-house and taken from inception to completion all under the one roof.


“Defining luxury isn’t as easy as some may think. Luxury is in the eye of the beholder and comes in different forms… Over the years we’ve realized that luxury has a lot to do with attention to detail and, in terms of design, revolves around creating bespoke spaces that fit exactly with a client’s lifestyle.”

Interiors & Architecture

March & White understand the importance of a holistic design language that traverses the DNA of each project from the inside out, merging architecture and interior design. Inspiration is drawn from stories, fashion, collaborations and travels.


The superyacht division of March & White has over 25 years specialist experience and challenges the conventional norms of design. Drawing on their expansive residential design experience, March & White are able to deliver exceptional superyacht interiors.


March & White are also able to work with clients to infuse their own personality into the smallest details of each unique project by creating distinct personalised products.

The Beginning

March & White was founded by friends Elliot March and James White who met in the 90’s at Oxford University. Prior to opening the firm they had both worked for leading studios like Daniel Libeskind Studio, Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands and Stiff & Trevillion.

Notable projects the duo have since had the pleasure of collaborating on include the 125 Greenwich development, private members clubs “The Arts Club” and “Devonshire Club”, residential project Royalty Mews and interiors of superyachts like MY Top Gun, Carrara and Project Jupiter.

Elliot March

“As an architect I have worked with, and learned from, some of the world’s great practices. I apply this learning through other creative discipline connecting my work to a complex frame of reference and influence. This leads to unexpected junctions and direction. This, for me, is the intrigue and excitement of design.

To create is my instinctive default. I am fascinated by the process that turns a vague, abstract idea into a tangible object or place that is effective, functional and beautiful. A luxury.

As a lifelong passionate sailor, this instinct enabled a longstanding dream to design the interiors of iconic super-yachts. A deep understanding and love of the water intuitively informs our maritime work. Designing interiors which respond to the elemental qualities of the ocean: colour, movement and light, is a thrill to me. “

James White

“My training and qualifications are as an architect. It is only a single element, though, to the wide creative horizon I follow in my work. It brings a logic and objectivity to my process.

As far back as I can remember, I was fascinated by the appearance of places and objects. I was committed to aesthetics before I knew of the word, I suppose.

I treasure objects which increase in allure as they age. The patina on a piece of timber or leather as it evolves. These are nuances which enrich everything I am drawn to.

My tastes have always ignored the annotation of time. I am drawn to a very specific idea of understated, quiet and intriguing elegance. I can find this in something entirely contemporary or, equally, something of greater age.”


Superyacht Top Gun

Builder: Aberking & Rasmussen
Exterior: March & White
Interior: March & White


March & White

London Studio
162 Buckingham Palace Rd, London, SW1W 9TR

New York Studio
54 Thompson Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10012

Los Angeles Studio
9169 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood CA, 90069

Photography Credits
Kilian O’Sullivan

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