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Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design Is A Leading Design Practice Based In The Netherlands, Specializing In The Design Of World Class Superyachts.


Founded by superyacht designer Sander Sinot in the 1990’s, Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design has grown to become an award winning design house with a 40+ strong team. Known for their seamless integration between exterior & interior design and aesthetics that tend toward expansive open views, some of their iconic projects include the superyacht Galactica Super Nova,  Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s Musashi and the superyacht concept “Nature”.

“We consider every yacht design to be a fresh challenge to make the impossible possible.

With a constant ambition to surpass expectations, we enjoy challenging ourselves to create custom designs for every client.”

Every project is the result of this ongoing dialogue with our client and close cooperation with major ship yards, yacht captains, naval architects, suppliers, furniture makers, craftsmen and artisans. The design process consists of a series of decisions. We ensure the right choices are made with the right partners.”

– Sander J. Sinot

A yacht can be seen as a high performance machine and as a “moving architecture” – in all cases, the exterior is the everlasting first impression.

Exterior Design

Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design creates unique profiles and deck layouts that reflect the client’s desire and inspirations, while combining advanced exterior designs and technology that will stand the test of time for future markets. To create space for enjoyment and relaxation, the focus is on constructing open views, clear sight lines, expansive exterior decks and space for water toys and swimming.

Exterior detailing

Every detail within the exterior style is intently scrutinized, with immaculate attention devoted to masts, railings, window frames and door handles, mullion design, finishes, sheers and decorative window coverings and outdoor furniture pieces.
The resulting sense of unity in style throughout the yacht generates a natural atmosphere of ultimate quality.

Interior Design & Styling

Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design interiors are designed to the highest standards and customized according to the wishes of the clients, imprinting their desires, personality, culture and achievements. Each detail of the layout and space is skillfully crafted and shaped, while incorporating technical innovation. Rare woods and veneers are integrated with the finest fabrics, leathers and bespoke metals and glass, combined with custom-built interiors and furniture.

The interior and exterior design, styling and furniture present the yacht as a ‘total work of art’, with innovative technology, space planning aboard, the use of daylight and artificial light, architectural details, comfort, furniture design, custom decoration and art pieces used to create the overall design.

“Aboard a yacht, great spaces need not be the most glamorous or luxurious – it is how personal and interesting they are, how much they reflect its owner and their character, which lends it a profound welcome.”


Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design
Vlierberg 3, 3755 BS Eemnes, The Netherlands

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