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DAMEN signs 75-metre bespoke Yacht Support



New 75 metre Yacht Support, once delivered, will be the largest Yacht Support ever built.

Damen Yacht Support 75 meter 7512 - YS7512
The 75 meter Damen Yacht Support YS7512 has been signed. Credit: Damen Yacht Support

Largest Yacht Support

Dutch yacht builder DAMEN has announced a new order for a 75-metre bespoke support yacht. She will be the largest DAMEN Yacht Support built to date when delivered in 2022. The customised in-house design is based on the newly developed YS 7512 model in the DAMEN Yacht Support range.

The YS 7512 is the largest Yacht Support offered in DAMEN’s range of purpose-built support yachts. Yacht support vessels are designed to carry and operate all the tenders, toys, helicopters and dive equipment that owners want, without compromising luxury spaces on the mother yacht.

DAMEN YS7512 with D14 Helicopter Facilities
Damen YS7512 with D14 Helicopter Facilities. Credit: Damen Yacht Support

D14 helicopter rated

A helicopter’s D-value means the largest overall dimension (in meters) of the helicopter when rotors are turning. This dimension will normally be measured from the most forward position of the main rotor tip path plane to the most rearward position of the tail rotor tip path plane (or the most rearward extension of the fuselage in the case of Fenestron or Notar tails).

Impressively, the YS 7514 will hangar a helicopter with a D14 value so example helicopters that satisfy a D14 value include the 13 passenger Airbus H155 (Eurocopter EC155), the 12 passenger Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin, the 7 passenger AgustaWestland AW109 and any other helicopter smaller than these.

Airbus Helicopters H155
The 13 passenger Airbus Helicopters H155 can be stored on the YS 7512.

Other features

The YS 7512 will be finished and faired with top yacht quality paintwork and deck hardware. She will also have a beam of 12 metres and a volume of approximately 1,900 Gross Tonnage. Other features will include state-of-the-art environmental equipment and capacity for containerised emergency relief support equipment together with a wide range of specialised marine gear and tenders. The vessel will accommodate 45 people including crew, specialist staff and guests.

DAMEN YS7512 toys and tenders
Damen Yacht Support 7512 carries the mother ships toys and tenders. Credit: Damen Yacht Support


Wright Maritime Group, the consultant on the custom design and technical development, will supervise the project on behalf of the client.


“At the time of delivery she will be the 17th Yacht Support delivered,” says Rob Luijendijk, Director Of Sales at AMELS and DAMEN. “She will also be the largest to date, which I think continues to show the scalability of the support solution for large superyachts. We are very excited to start construction and can’t wait to see this beautiful Yacht Support on the water in 2022.”

DAMEN YS7512 with trademark Sea Axe bow
The YS 7512 features Damens trademark Sea Axe bow. Credit: Damen Yacht Support


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Bringing the sky to SKYFALL: World record superyacht wrap



aerial view of Superyacht SKYFALL wrap complete

When one of the world’s most popular Charter Superyacht’s wanted to try out a new look for the season, starting with the Monaco Yacht Show, there were few, if any places in the world they could find to deliver a full colour change in under 7 days.

At $300,000 per week, each charter a superyacht loses through painting and polishing adds up to millions of dollars due to the extensive and extremely long process.

LuxWrap however, were able to complete the colour change on superyacht SKYFALL in an extraordinary 6.5 days by wrapping the yacht, meaning SKYFALL’s billionaire owner could capitalise on having her completed in just one week while it was charter free.

The sky blue colored wrap project was finished with an owner outlay of just 10% of the cost of a repainting project.

Superyacht SKYFALL wrap begining in water
The ability of LuxWrap to work off pontoons avoids expensive dry docking. Credit: LuxWrap
Using an elevated work platform to access Superyacht SKYFALL during wrap project
LuxWrap also use elevated work platforms for the higher areas. Credit: LuxWrap

The 58m superyacht was wrapped under the hands of just 5 team members, using 600 sq meters of wrap with a LuxWrap representative stating, “We had a 7 day hard-deadline. We had to arrive, start and finish and the boat took on guests on day 8. It was basically high pressure, we even had rain but made it happen with a couple of 14 hour days. High pressure but we delivered. I don’t believe any other company in the world is turning things around like we are, because nobody has the manpower or experience to manage the raft system and coordinate everything.”

LuxWrap working off pontoons to complete Superyacht SKYFALL wrap project
600sqm of wrap used to complete the 58m Superyacht SKYFALL. Credit: LuxWrap
LuxWrap Superyacht SKYFALL wrap project
The SKYFALL wrap equated to 10 percent of the cost of painting. Credit: LuxWrap
LuxWrap project Superyacht SKYFALL transom detail
Superyacht SKYFALL transom detail. Credit: LuxWrap
Details of LuxWrap Superyacht SKYFALL wrap project
Details of LuxWrap Superyacht SKYFALL wrap project. Credit: LuxWrap
LuxWrap team admire their completed wrap of Superyacht SKYFALL
The LuxWrap team admire their completed wrap of Superyacht SKYFALL. Credit: LuxWrap

World record

LuxWrap would now arguably be the world leaders in superyacht wraps as the SKYFALL completion comes off the back of their previous project, a chrome gold wrap on the $20 Millon superyacht (ex Kinta).

At the time, the gold wrap was the largest wrap job completed on water, however at 58m long, superyacht SKYFALL is now the record holder for the largest yacht wrap completed on water.

aerial view of Superyacht SKYFALL wrap complete
An aerial view of Superyacht SKYFALL’s sky blue wrap. Credit: LuxWrap


In an industry that demands not only competence, but excellence, accountability and the ability to mobilise quickly and often work to extremely tight deadlines, LuxWrap is delivering its service in a way not seen before, and it isn’t going un-noticed.

“We all know that painting Superyachts is expensive and time consuming and must be done at least every 10 years.” Said LuxWrap’s Founder, “It is our opinion that wrapping should not be considered as an alternative to paint, but rather as a compliment. Wrapping lasts several years and has an incredible range of colours/finishes unavailable in paint. It also protects paint from the elements and UV. When we combine this with our unique ‘in the water’ installation process, the cost can be as low as 1/10th the cost of paint at 50m, and even lower in percentage terms as the yacht size increases, both because we work quickly and efficiently, and also because we completely eliminate the need to slip/drydock.”

Superyacht SKYFALL wrap completed in water

By choosing LuxWrap, yacht owners are making a calculated value based decision to protect their paint, which is a capital asset, with their style, which is whatever look is desired that season.

The potential of wrapping has also already been shown to serve different purposes:

  • Try out a new colour before committing to an expensive paint job you may regret.
  • Wrap to protect your paint, in any colour or any finish, keeping your paint new.
  • As a medium term solution to postpone an expensive paint job for a few years.
  • Change colour each season, generating media buzz with each colour/style change.
  • Brand for a bold advertising campaign.

LuxWrap can be contacted here.

aerial view of Superyacht SKYFALL wrap complete
Superyacht SKYFALL at port. Credit: LuxWrap
aerial view of Superyacht SKYFALL wrap complete
Superyacht SKYFALL after the sky blue wrap was completed. Credit: LuxWrap

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Sanlorenzo SD96 revealed at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival



The SD96 has been officially revealed at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival after making the short journey from the Sanlorenzo shipyard in Viareggio, Italy,

Exterior design by Zuccon International Project

The Sanlorenzo SD96’s exterior was designed by Bernado Zuccon from Zuccon International Project. The new 28 meter yacht’s is the entry level model in the SD line of semi displacement yachts by Sanlorenzo. Zuccon International Project states, that the SD96 takes inspiration from the transatlantic liners of the 1930’s, making the concept of elegance it’s own. Bernardo Zuccon states in regards to the SD96 “There are places that change and adapt to differing daily needs; it is as if the boat, closed and airtight is in readiness to face the sea, once moored, can be opened up to allow the owner to optimize the quality of life on board.”

Bernardo Zuccon Portrait
Designer Bernardo Zuccon.
Sanlorenzo Yachts SD96 side view
Sanlorenzo SD96 exterior design by Bernado Zuccon. Credit: Sanlorenzo Yachts
Sanlorenzo SD96 aft view
Sanlorenzo SD96 aft view. Exterior design by Bernado Zuccon. Credit: Sanlorenzo Yachts
Sanlorenzo SD96 upper deck
Sanlorenzo SD96 upper deck. Credit: Sanlorenzo Yachts

“I chose Patricia because I wanted to add a more feminine touch to the interiors in Sanlorenzo yachts”

Sanlorenzo Chairman, Massimo Perotti

Interior design by Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola is a Spanish born architect and product designer who lives and works from her studio in Milan, Italy which she opened in 2001. Among the many design awards Patricia has achieved she has been awarded the Gold Medal Of Fine Arts by the Spanish Government and the “Order of Isabella the Catholic” by His Majesty The King of Spain Juan Carlos I.

While Patricia has been involved in many design projects (including the re-design of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Barcelona and the six-story design of Panerai’s watch boutique in Hong Kong), the Sanlorenzo SD96 was her first foray into yacht design!

Sanlorenzo SD96 Interior render
Sanlorenzo SD96 interior design by Patricia Urquiola. Credit: Sanlorenzo Yachts

Sanlorenzo Chairman, Massimo Perotti, stated “I chose Patricia because I wanted to add a more feminine touch to the interiors in Sanlorenzo yachts, something which until now had been foreign to the nautical world. Today she is the most sought-after woman in global design thanks to her ability to combine beauty and comfort. All done with a touch of irony and poetic sensitivity, with love for all that is ‘glocal’ and a great respect for the hard work of the artisans”.

Sanlorenzo SD96 Interior bedroom
Sanlorenzo SD96 bedroom. Interior design by Patricia Urquiola. Credit: Sanlorenzo Yachts

“Our starting point for this collaboration with Sanlorenzo was doubtlessly the sea, a great source of inspiration for the whole development of the concept and therefore the interior of the yacht. The materials, shapes and colors evoke the marine world, creating a flowing and elegant space full of natural colors.” states Patricia Urquiola

Designer Patricia Urquiola Portrait
Designer Patricia Urquiola. Photo: Alessandro Paderni
Sanlorenzo SD96 Bow
Sanlorenzo SD96 Bow. Credit: Sanlorenzo Yachts

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New Espen Øino 60 metre AMELS superyacht



AMELS 60, the 60-metre superyacht with Hybrid by AMELS technology, is now under construction and available for a spring 2022 delivery.

AMELS 60 bow with helicopter and tender
AMELS 60 bow with tender storage and area for helicopter landings.

The new Espen Øino designed AMELS 60 metre yacht has just been revealed today. The yacht is already currently under construction and will be ready for delivery in the spring of 2022.

The superyacht sits under AMELS Limited Edition semi-custom range from 55 to 83 metres) and has interiors designed by the London based Studio Indigo.

AMELS 60 Master Stateroom designed by Studio Indigo
AMELS 60 Master Stateroom designed by Studio Indigo
AMELS 60 aft and beach club
AMELS 60 exterior designed by Espen Øino

The project is the second collaboration between Espen and AMELS and will feature Hybrid by AMELS technology. This will allow cruising speeds of up to 7 knots with electrical propulsion motors, meaning very low noise and low vibrations for owners comfort and lower fuel and maintenance costs in general.

AMELS 60 Upper deck with Jacuzzi
AMELS 60 Upper deck with Jacuzzi

“The AMELS 60 is an exciting new take on the very best AMELS knowhow and craftsmanship that has shaped everything we have done for more than 100 years,” says Rose Damen, Managing Director of the Damen Shipyards’ Yachting division. “Just like the global fleet of Limited Editions yachts at sea today, the AMELS 60 will be a beacon of trusted reliability, quality and comfort for decades to come.”

AMELS 60 from the AMELS Limited Edition Range
AMELS 60 from the AMELS Limited Edition Range

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