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Silent Yachts New 80ft Solar Power Catamaran Designed For Sustainable Yachting



Silent Yachts is focusing on sustainable yachting and has already received three orders for the new 80ft Tri-Deck Solar Electric Catamaran, with an even larger model currently in the works.
SILENT 80 Tri-Deck Catamaran with “open top” option. Credit: Silent Yachts

Austrian-based Silent Yachts is focused on sustainable yachting and with three new orders for the solar powered 80 ft Tri-Deck Catamaran, are glad to see increased interest in a greener future for yachting.

“We are happy that the interest to fully sustainable yachting keeps growing,” said Michael Köhler, founder and CEO of SILENT-YACHTS. “Our latest orders are another confirmation of this trend for a much greener future. The first SILENT 80 Tri-Deck closed version will have a master cabin in the top deck, but a lounge or studio could possibly also be placed here on future units.”

Silent 80 Tri-Deck Catamaran with “closed top” option. Credit: Silent Yachts

Referred to as the “Tesla of the Seas,” the SILENT 80 Tri-Deck Catamaran is a self-sufficient ocean-going solar electric catamaran that utilizes silent electric propulsion for unlimited range without noise or fumes.

Powered by solar panels located on the deck roof. Credit: Silent Yachts

The three-deck catamaran is capable of speeds up to 20 knots with the most powerful e-motor options and can travel up to 100 nautical miles a day at cruising speed without consuming any fuel. It also incorporates lightweight and recyclable materials to support the green and eco-friendly nature of the build.

SILENT 80 Tri-Deck Catamaran Main Saloon. Credit: Silent Yachts

Without the need for a standard engine room (as it’s solar-powered, it is fitted with a pair of electric engines) and has one of the largest garages for a catamaran its size and can fit a 17ft meter tender.

The SILENT 80 Tri-Deck Catamaran price begins at 5.51 million euros, and a larger model is currently in design and will be revealed later this year by Silent Yachts.

SILENT 80 Tri-Deck Catamaran Owner Cabin. Credit: Silent Yachts
SILENT 80 Tri-Deck Catamaran Master Cabin. Credit: Silent Yachts



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