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“PHI Phantom” Support Vessel Launched By Alia Yachts



Turkish shipyard Alia Yachts has launched the PHI Phantom support vessel, which will undergo final sea trials before joining the Royal Huisman built PHI superyacht later this year.
Launch of the PHI Support Vessel at Alia Yachts shipyard in Antalya. Credit: Alia Yachts

Turkish-based Alia Yachts has launched the newly built PHI Phantom support vessel from its yard in Antalya, where it will undergo final sea trials before joining her custom built “PHI” superyacht sibling later this year.

Designed with a Fast Displacement Hull Form by Van Oossanen. Credit: Alia Yachts

Built to complement her larger “beauty queen” sister, the 118ft support vessel is part of the PHI Project, which was first contracted by the owner in mid-2018 and consists of multiple vessels, including the much larger Royal Huisman built “PHI” superyacht and the Alia Yachts built “PHI Phantom” support vessel which reflects many elements of the larger yacht’s DNA.

The vast aft deck will carry all the extra toys and tenders for the larger PHI superyacht. Credit: Alia Yachts

Designed by Cor D. Rover and Van Oossanen Naval Architects, both ships have been inspired by the “Golden Ratio” PHI formula governing the continuation of dimensions and shapes in natural proportions throughout design.

PHI Phantom is the first support ship with shared design DNA with its main vessel. Credit: Alia Yachts

On working with the owner to complete the matching support vessel, Gökhan Çelik, President of Alia Yachts, says, “The owner of PHI Phantom is really detail-oriented, and he has been very involved with every element of the build,” “He trusted us to deliver on a demanding brief, but we have certainly matched and, I hope, surpassed his expectations for this unique support vessel.

Support vessel PHI Phantom with its PHI mothership. Credit: Royal Huisman/Van Oossanen

The PHI Phantom is equipped with a 29ft HS Marine crane capable of lifting 5.5 tonnes out of the water and has a huge aft deck that can carry the tenders and toys that will not fit on the larger PHI superyacht, including the 45ft gentleman’s tender currently being built by Spirit Yachts.

Moving through the shipyard facilities at Antalya. Credit: Alia Yachts

“As far as we’re aware, this is the first support ship that’s been built with shared aesthetic DNA from the mothership,” says owner’s rep and captain of the mothership PHI and skipper of PHI Phantom, Guy Booth, who followed the whole project through to completion. “She looks like a mini PHI; a sibling. The team at Alia have had the opportunity to build something really cool, and the passion from them has been great. They really dig it!”



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