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Vintage Ferrari F40 on Fire in Monaco



US$1+ million Monaco registered Ferrari F40 goes up in flames on the streets of Monte-Carlo, coinciding with the anniversary of Enzo Ferrari’s birthday.
Ferrari F40 engulfed by fire, Monaco, February 2020. Credit: smih__carspotting instagram

No one wants to see a piece of art go up in flames but at the same time, it’s REALLY hard to look away when it’s a supercar on fire. Case in point today when a Monégasque registered vintage Ferrari F40 caught on fire on the streets of Monaco and was captured by close onlookers.

In an ironic twist of fate, the fire-destroying event occurred on the birthday anniversary of Ferrari founder, Enzo Ferrari. Seen here by instagram users @passion_car_rs, @smih__carspotting and @jmez_98, the owner appears to look on in dismay while a friendly neighbor attempts to come to his aid with a garden hose from an overhanging balcony, trying to put the fire out from above.

The valiant neighborhood fireman was joined shortly by local fire crews who worked to put out the flames and stop the billowing black pillars of smoke streaming from the engine bay.

Fortunately no-one appeared to be hurt but can’t say the same for the Ferrari F40.

Launched in July 1987 to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary, the F40 was the last design to be signed off by Enzo Ferrari himself (just short of his 90th birthday). Approximately 1,300 were produced over 2 years with a starting price of US$400,000. These days though you’d be looking at upwards of US$1 million to entertain the idea of one in your garage…. making this all the more wince-worthy.

As one reddit user commenting on the video mused, “It’s dead, but it’ll be resurrected; F40s are expensive/rare/historic enough that as long as the VIN survives, wrecked ones will 100% be rebuilt by someone, no matter how little of the original car remains (aside from the VIN).”

While another user stated, “You are correct, this is a tough one. A 300 SL (similar value) would be restored but it’s mostly metal which is relatively cheap to work with. A carbon-Kevlar F40 is much more expensive and would require a ground up rebuild. It would be close to $1 mil to rebuild and would be worth around $600k-$700k after. Numbers just don’t add up yet, but might it 5-10 years.”

Take this as a timely reminder to keep a fire extinguisher in the car and to the owner; we hope there’s still hope left for your F40 and it lives to see another day.



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