It’s not every day you get to hang out with the Spirit of Ecstasy but we had the opportunity to film the incredible Rolls Royce Wraith at Sunshine Automotive.
Although you can read all the stats on paper, e.g it’s powerful 6.6 litre, twin turbo V12 engine, starlight headliner, rear swinging suicide doors and the clever iDrive multimedia system, it’s not until you get up close and personal with the Wraith that you REALLY start to appreciate the incredible detail and workmanship that goes into each and every one of these beasts.Billionaire Toys Rolls Royce Filming 1Called the sportier version of the Phantom, the Wraith is often referred to as “driver-centric” model, which really is just a fancy way of saying “You’re going to want to drive this car yourself…..sorry Jeeves, you’ll be staying home today!” and after having experienced the oh so plush seats, the rev of the engine and played around with the iDrive multimedia system in the front console I’d have to agree.Eric Shepherd, the president of Rolls-Royce North America, has an interesting take on the sportier model and hints at the direction that Rolls-Royce has taken with the Wraith.

“We’re evolving. Take a 22yr old guy who just sold his app company for $22 million. When he get’s behind the wheel of a Wraith, he’s hooked”

But in the event that you’re a 22yr old app mogul that still would like to be driven around, you can always kick back and with a push of a button light up the roof and dream the night away under a 1000 led lights.

Billionaire Toys Rolls Royce Filming 2


On another interesting note, in keeping with the Phantom and Ghost models, did you know that the meaning of “Wraith” actually comes from Scottish origins meaning “ghost”?

The official video for the Wraith can be viewed below and if you interested in the official “behind the scenes” video click here