It was a crisp winter’s day at the airfield when we met with Rebecca Penny from Cirrus Australia/New Zealand to check out the latest in the Cirrus family – the 2017 SR22T Australis.

In an earlier conversation, Rebecca had described Cirrus as  “The Plane With the Parachute” and by the time we arrived at the airfield, we’d learnt the history behind the “parachute plane” and were curious to say the least.

Designed especially for the climate & conditions down here in Australia, Cirrus have put a lot of thought into factors that affect Australian users and it has already been popular with avid flyers and professionals who commute long distances for work. On top of the usual features, the Australis package includes extras like premium leather interiors, exclusive Australis paint design, air-conditioning and 100% UV protected windows.

Watch our review below to discover “The Plane With the Parachute” and details of the Cirrus SR22 Australis.

Cirrus SR22 Fast Facts

Airframe & Powerplant

  • Continental IO-550-N 310 HP Engine
  • Black Engine Baffling
  • Cirrus Airframe Parachute System™ (CAPS™)
  • 60/40 FlexSeating™ (Seats up to 5)
  • Airbag Seatbelts (Front Seats)
  • 3-Blade Propeller
  • High Performance Brakes
  • Tubeless Tires
  • Advanced Wheel Fairings
  • Surface Illumination Lighting
  • Spectra™ Wingtip Lighting
  • Single Movement Power Lever
  • Dual Side Yoke
  • 2 Year Spinner-to-Tail Warranty


  • Cirrus Perspective+™ by Garmin® Cockpit
  • Certified Baro-VNAV Approach Capability
  • Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT™)
  • GMA 350c All-Digital Bluetooth® Audio Panel
  • Keyboard Controller
  • Dual WAAS GPS/Comm/Nav Radios
  • Engine & Fuel Monitoring
  • ADS-B Out Transponder
  • 406 MHz ELT
  • USB Power Ports
  • Garmin GFC700 Autopilot with Electronic Stability & Protection
  • Dual ADAHRS
  • Hypoxia Check & Automated Descent Mode
  • Blue Level Button
  • Autopilot Stall Protection

Special thanks to Cirrus Aircraft Australia and New Zealand for making this video possible.

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Billionaire Toys HQ Jun 28, 2017