• Lamborghini Terzo Millennio Concept Car Reveal

Lamborghini Terzo Millennio

It’s been revealed! The Lamborghini Terzo Millennio.

Last October Lamborghini and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) entered into a technical partnership to look at the innovative future of Lamborghini’s designs and the use of new materials in the automotive field.

In a talk given today at MIT’s emerging technology conference aka EmTech, Maurizzio Reggiani (Chief Technical Officer, Lamborghini) and Mitja Bokert (Head of Centro Stile, Lamborghini) were able to reveal some of the results of that partnership in the form of an electric concept car known as the Terzo Millennio.

The Terzo Millennio, meaning “Third Millenium”, explores an electric car future as envisioned by Lamborghini. One thing Lamborghini owners have always loved is the raw power of a Lamborghini engine so they understand the delicate balance ahead of them between staying on the cutting edge of technology whilst retaining the grunt of yester-year.

The partnership between Lamborghini & MIT is set to last three years (at a rumoured cost of approx €200,000 per year) and has already resulted in ideas like carbon fiber nanotube batteries built into the car walls to power the car and the use of supercapacitors to simultaneously capture and release energy.

While it is still only a concept and by no means have Lamborghini committed to an electric future yet, they certainly haven’t stopped short of capturing the imagination with the Terzo Millennio.

In the words of Mitja Bokert …”

“The car is super extreme. The car must have a wow factor… otherwise we have failed.”


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Billionaire Toys HQ Nov 07, 2017