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The $50M Bombardier Global 5500 Jet Range Enters Service



The first delivery of the new Bombardier Global 5500 range has just taken place marking the jet’s official Entry-into-service.
Bombardier Global 5500 Flying over cloud
The first Bombardier Global 5500 has now been delivered to its customer. Credit: Bombardier

Bombardier will certainly be proud that the first of its long-range Global 5500 business jet was completed and recently delivered to an undisclosed customer marking the jet’s entry-into-service.

The new Global 5500 range is an update from the previous Global 5000 range and sees new engines, interiors, avionics, wings, and presents decreased fuel burn, emissions, and an increased range and comfort to its passengers.

Completed at Bombardier’s site in Wichita, Kansas amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Bombardier employees had to demonstrate flexibility and dedication to enable the Global 5500’s completion. Bombardier said it had taken extraordinary steps to protect its employees and customers against the virus, and that now as manufacturing activities resume around the world, Bombardier will maintain its new strict protocols to continue safety and operational excellence.

Last year, Bombardier made an announcement that the Global 5500 would fly 200 nautical miles more than planned, and that its new range of 5,900 nautical miles is 700 nautical miles more than the nearest competitor at the same speed.

Bombardier Global 5500 interior cabin looking towards flight deck
Bombardier Global 5500 interior cabin looking towards the flight deck. Credit: Bombardier
Bombardier Global 5500 interior cabin looking towards aft
Bombardier Global 5500 interior cabin looking towards aft. Credit: Bombardier
Bombardier Global 5500 kitchen
Bombardier Global 5500 kitchen. Credit: Bombardier

Global 5500 Cabin

Bombardier also state the Global 5500 has the largest cabin (12.41m long, 2.41m wide and 1.88m high) and the smoothest ride in its class and that all starts inside where the conference and dining areas are equipped with the Nuage seat. Bombardier says the Nuage seat is the first meaningful change in the operation and design of a business aircraft seat in 30 years. The Nuage design grants proper posture both for business meetings and dining, and can also be converted into a reclining lounge chair.

Bombardier Global 5500 Nuage seat design detail
The Nuage seat design detail. Credit: Bombardier
Bombardier Global 5500 Nuage chase lounge
Bombardier Global 5500 Nuage chase lounge. Credit: Bombardier

Passengers will also benefit from a sophisticated air purification system called Pũr Air which is only available on Global aircraft. The system’s advanced HEPA filter captures up to 99.99% of allergens, bacteria, and viruses, and completely replaces the cabin air with 100% fresh air in as little as 90 seconds. The cabin also features turbo heating and cooling which instantly adjusts temperatures for a more comfortable flight.

Bombardier Global 5500 Pur Air HEPA filter detail
Bombardier Global 5500 Pur Air HEPA filter detail. Credit: Bombardier
Bombardier Global 5500 has a 4K enabled cabin
Bombardier Global 5500 has a 4K enabled cabin. Credit: Bombardier

The Global 5500 boasts the Rockwell Collin’s Venue cabin management and entertainment system, innovated with the capability to provide the first ever ultra-high-definition 4k content all throughout the cabin. The aircraft’s Ka-band satellite connectivity supplies seamless internet connectivity that is almost 35 times faster than other internet systems in the industry, and makes use of the updated satellite technology.

The cabin of the Global 5500 is 12.41-meter long, 2.41-meter wide, and 1.88-meter high. It has three different living spaces that give the needed seclusion and enjoyment by providing sufficient room to eat, work and rest in total convenience.

Bombardier Global 5500 Private Suite
Bombardier Global 5500 Private Suite. Credit: Bombardier
One of the many  Bombardier Global 5500 cabin layout options
One of the many Bombardier Global 5500 cabin layout options. Credit: Bombardier
Bombardier Global 5500 flight deck cockpit
The Bombardier Global 5500 flight deck. Credit: Bombardier

Global 5500 Flight Deck

One big feature of the flight deck is the Rockwell Collins Combined Vision System (CVS), which joins infrared Enhanced Vision System (EVS) and Synthetic Vision System (SVS) imagery into a single conformal view. The CVS combines both vision systems throughout the entire display in order to give the pilot the best possible view into one dynamic image and provides real-time situational awareness.

Bombardier Global 5500 has CVS
The Combined Vision System (CVS) to help Global 5500 pilots. Credit: Bombardier

As you would expect with the most modern of Bombardier’s jets, the avionics system of the Global 5500 includes advanced weather radar for predicting wind shear, Airport Moving Maps, real-time air traffic and an enhanced terrain database that serves as a digital representation of the elevation of the terrain at a number of discrete points.

Bombardier Global 5500 has a Rolls-Royce Pearl 15 Jet Engine
The Global 5500 has two new tech Rolls-Royce Pearl 15 Jet Engines. Credit: Rolls-Royce

Global 5500 Powerplant

Powered by two Rolls-Royce Pearl 15 engines, the Global 5500 has a maximum thrust of 15,125 pounds and emits 48% less smoke, 20% less nitrous oxide, is two decibels quieter, burns 7% less fuel and has 9% added thrust than the BR710A2-20 engines on the previous 5000 models.

The new engines are some of the latest tech to come out of Rolls-Royce and boast a new core with a new high-pressure compressor, as well as an advanced engine Health and Usage-Monitoring System (HUMS) that tracks the status of critical systems and components.

Bombardier Global 5500 Rolls-Royce Pearl 15 jet engine detail
The Rolls-Royce Pearl 15 jet engine detail. Credit: Rolls-Royce


The aircraft also features aerodynamic cleanups that will blend with the purpose-built engines to improve fuel efficiency by up to 13%.

One of those was a next-generation Global wing with a fully re-profiled trailing edge. The re-profiled wing has a span of 28.7 meters and was designed and constructed by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd, a Japanese company headquartered in Tokyo. The Global 5500’s new wings with its renowned flexibility, combined with the other aerodynamic improvements, Nuage seats, 100% fresh air system with HEPA filter, instant temperature control, wide cabin, 4K entertainment and quieter engines all go towards creating the best possible conditions for a smooth and comfortable ride or sleep in the air.

Bombardier Global 5500 Range map example
Example range map for the Bombardier Global 5500. Credit: Bombardier

Global 5500 city pair examples

As seen above the Bombardier Global 5500 would be able to connect Sao Paulo to Paris, Los Angeles to Moscow, Sydney to Tokyo, Singapore to London, or New York to Hong Kong non-stop.

Bombardier Global 5500 Specifications

  • Avionics: Rockwell Collins Fusion
  • Engine: 2 x Rolls-Royce Pearl 15 turbofan
  • Power: 15125 pound-force
  • Top Speed: Mach 0.90
  • Max Cruise Speed: 504 knots, 933 Km/h
  • Approach Speed (Vref): 108 knots
  • Travel range: 5900 Nautical Miles, 10928 Kilometers
  • Service Ceiling: 51,000 feet
  • Rate of Climb: 3450 feet / minute, 17.53metre / second
  • Take-Off Distance: 1674 meters, 5492.06 feet
  • Landing Distance: 673 meters, 2207.98 feet
  • Max Take-Off Weight: 41957 Kg, 92498 lbs
  • Max Landing Weight: 35652 Kg, 78598 lbs
  • Max Payload: 3238 Kg, 7138 lbs
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 4710 gallons, 17829 liters
  • Baggage Volume: 5.5 m3, 194 ft3


Gulfstream Delivers Final G550 Jet To Customer



The final Gulfstream G550 business jet has been delivered to an international customer, marking an end of an era for the long-range commercial jet.
Gulfstream Makes Final G550 Commercial Delivery

After almost 20 years, Gulfstream has delivered its final G550 commercial jet to an international customer.

Entering service in 2003 as a long-range business jet, the G550 has a range of 6,750 nautical miles (12,501 kilometers) at Mach 0.80 and has broken over 55 speed records during its time of service.

Launched as a commercial jet that could be configured for business, government, or military and seat up to 19 passengers, the G550 is a versatile jet that enables owners to fly between international destinations such as Shanghai to Los Angeles, New York to Dubai, or London to Tokyo.

The Gulfstream G550 also launched the PlaneView™ flight deck platform for the first time and led the way with the certified Enhanced Vision System (now known as the Enhanced Flight Vision System – EFVS) as a standard safety feature for pilot safety.

“For nearly two decades, the G550 has been exceeding customer expectations,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. “The G550 set a new standard for performance and reliability and continues to outperform and impress with its wide-ranging capabilities. Given our vast G550 fleet in service, we look forward to continuing to support all G550 customers around the world with Gulfstream Customer Support’s extensive network.”

The final delivery, which took place at the end of June, brings the global fleet of Gulfstream G550’s in service to a total of 600 jets.

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Aerion Supersonic Jets To Close Operations



Aerion Supersonic set to close operations after struggling to acquire further funding to produce its AS2 supersonic business jet.
Aerion AS2 supersonic private jet flying
Aerion Supersonic AS2 concept with a top speed of Mach 1.4 may never take to the skies. Credit: Aerion Supersonic

Aerion Supersonic is reportedly set to close operations after failing to secure the considerable capital required to produce its AS2 business jet at its future $300 million planned facilities at Aerion Park, Florida.

Founded in 2004 with backing from Texan billionaire Robert Bass, Aerion Supersonic started as a solution to the 2003 retired Concorde and gained backing and support from organizations like Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, and NASA’s Langley Research Center.

Yet despite raising $11.2 billion in pre-sales, Aerion has struggled to gain the capital needed to bring it to market.

Aerion Park Melbourne Florida
Proposed Aerion Park multi-purpose facility in Florida, USA. Credit: Aerion Supersonic

“The AS2 supersonic business jet program meets all market, technical, regulatory and sustainability requirements, and the market for a new supersonic segment of general aviation has been validated with $11.2 billion in sales backlog for the AS2,” reads the company statement, as stated by Florida Today.

“However, in the current financial environment, it has proven hugely challenging to close on the scheduled and necessary large new capital requirements to finalize the transition of the AS2 into production. Given these conditions, the Aerion Corporation is now taking the appropriate steps in consideration of this ongoing financial environment.”

The Aerion AS2 supersonic business jet
Aerion AS2 supersonic business jet. Credit: Aerion Supersonic

As reported by CNBC in early 2020, Aerion Supersonic revealed it would need around $4 billion to continue developing the AS2 after already spending $1 billion on engine development.

Initially, Aerion Supersonic had intended to launch the 1,000-miles-per-hour jet by 2024 and begin commercial activities by 2026, producing 300 AS2 jets during the first decade of production.

Unless 11th-hour funding is secured, the future of Aerion Supersonic is set to remain indefinitely grounded.

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Dassault Launches Falcon 10X With Largest Business Cabin Jet Yet



Dassault Aviation’s new Falcon 10X Business Jet is a high-speed ultra-long-range jet capable of flying non-stop from New York to Shanghai.
Dassault Falcon 10X Side View
The new Dassault Falcon 10X. Credit: Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation’s Falcon 10X Business Jet is a high-speed ultra-long-range jet featuring the largest and most comfortable cabin on a business jet yet.

Said to “deliver a level of comfort, versatility, and technology not yet seen” in terms of cabin size and comfort, the Falcon 10X is looking to rival the likes of the Gulfstream G700 and Bombardier’s Global 7500 when it goes into production end of 2025.

Dassault Falcon 10X Living
Interior cabin configuration of the new Dassault Falcon 10X. Credit: Dassault Aviation

“The 10X will be more than just another big step forward in business aviation. It will be absolutely the best business jet available in the ultra-long-range category and will remain so for a long time,” shared Dassault Chairman and CEO Eric Trappier.

Dassault Falcon 10X Jet Dining
Entertaining spaces aboard the Falcon 10X. Credit: Dassault Falcon

As the first Dassault business jet to be powered by Rolls-Royce Pearl engines, the new Dassault Falcon 10X can achieve a top speed of Mach 0.925 and, with a nautical mile range of 7,500, will be able to fly nonstop from New York to Shanghai, Los Angeles to Sydney, Hong Kong to New York or even Paris to Santiago.

Dassault Falcon 10X Stateroom
Stateroom with queen bed aboard the Falcon 10X. Credit: Dassault Falcon

Created as a “penthouse suite in the sky,” the Dassault Falcon 10X will offer greater modularity than any other aircraft in its class and a selection of multiple interior configurations.

Dassault Falcon 10X Jet Stateroom
Dassault’s “penthouse in the sky”. Credit: Dassault Falcon

The 10X is large enough to accommodate four-cabin zones of equal length, but owners can configure their cabin as they desire to create a living space to best suit their needs, including an expanded dining/conference area, a dedicated entertainment area with a large-screen monitor, a private stateroom with a queen-size bed or an enlarged master suite with a private stand-up shower.

Dassault Falcon 10X Jet Bathroom
Private ensuite bathroom of the stateroom. Credit: Dassault Aviation

“Today we are introducing a new benchmark in business aviation,” said Dassault Chairman and CEO Eric Trappier. “The Falcon 10X will offer an unrivalled passenger experience over both short- and long-duration flights, along with breakthrough safety features from Dassault’s frontline fighter technology. We have optimized every aspect of the aircraft with the passenger in mind and established a new level of capability for ultra-long-range aircraft.”

Dassault Falcon 10X Jet Galley
Galley option for the Dassault Falcon 10X. Credit: Dassault Aviation

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