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Heesen Launches Second Hybrid Yacht, Aptly Named ‘Electra’



After 2 years in build, superyacht Project Electra has been launched and will shortly undergo sea trials in the North Sea before delivery April this year.
Heesen Yachts Hybrid Electra completed and ready for sea trials
Heesen Yachts Hybrid Electra sits completed ready for sea trials. Credit: Heesen

For Dutch shipyard Heesen, M/Y Electra (a.k.a YN 19150) is the second hybrid superyacht launch in their 5000 aluminium Full Displacement Hull Form (FDHF) class, having previously launched and delivered the award-winning hybrid superyacht “Home” to its owner in 2017.

Like M/Y Home, M/Y Electra owes its distinctive profile with a near-vertical bow and long waterline to the mind of Frank Laupman of Omega Architects who designed the exterior of the superyacht. Utilising the extensive usage of structural glass, Italian designer Cristiano Gatto was then able to create a contemporary and calming interior that also provided a simple sense of connection with the outdoors.

Aside from Electra’s streamlined appearance and elegant design, the attractiveness of this model to potential owners leans gently upon its innovative and eco-friendly offerings.

Heesen Yachts Hybrid Electra Saloon Interior
The Saloon inside the hybrid superyacht Electra. Credit: Heesen Yachts
Heesen Yachts Hybrid Superyacht Electra Sky Lounge Interior
Heesen’s second hybrid yacht Electra features a Sky Lounge. Credit: Heesen Yachts
View from under Heesen Yachts Hybrid Superyacht Electra's Hull
View from under Electra’s Hull before water is let into the build hall. Credit: Heesen Yachts

Compared to a traditional diesel engine arrangement, the hybrid power and propulsion system chosen by Heesen is quieter (said to be the equivalent of soft rain when in hybrid mode) and more fuel-efficient.

It also offers considerable cost-saving benefits to captains with a choice of four different power cruising modes:

  • Hybrid Mode: up to 9 knots at noise levels of just 46dB. Two water-cooled DC electric shaft motors of 127kW each quietly power the yacht. The benefits are silent cruising and higher maneuverability in close quarters.
  • Economic Mode: Speeds of 9-12 knots with main engines on and generators off. Ideal for longer passages as this mode allows for reduced fuel consumption (at 12 knots the yacht burns only 98 litres per hour) and extended generator life.
  • Cruising / Conventional Mode: Speeds of 12-15 knots. This is the traditional mode, where the diesel engines drive the yacht’s propellers and the generators supply the hotel electrical demand.
  • Boost Mode: For top speed of 16.3 knots. Generator-powered shaft motors are brought into service alongside the main engines giving an extra kick of power to the gearbox.

Owners will be pleased to note up to 12 guests can be accommodated onboard in 6 staterooms, each with private en-suite bathrooms and an overall layout designed to provide multiple outdoor living areas for guests to enjoy at any given time.

Having been just been launched, Electra will now complete commissioning of her systems and will undergo intensive sea trials in the North Sea prior to her owner delivery in April 2020.


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What Does Eco Friendly Superyachting Look Like For The Yachting Industry?



Between superyacht owners, designers, naval architects and superyacht charter companies, a serious and practical approach is underway to continue making the marine industry Eco friendly.

Across the globe there has been increasing talk amongst the yachting industry regarding sustainability, the responsibility of owners to adopt green technologies and measures shipbuilders can take to help protect the environment.

Already many superyacht builders like Icon Yachts, Feadship and Lürssen have been engaging innovative Eco friendly technologies including the use of hybrid propulsion systems which engage multiple energy sources to lower carbon emissions and reduce noise pollution to the marine wildlife.

Superyachts like the award-winning Oceanco built Black Pearl which currently holds the record for the world’s largest sailing yacht at 360ft, uses a combination of “wind power” to fill her giant sails along with a hybrid propulsion system when required and is said to be able to cross the Atlantic without fuel.

Meanwhile, Turkish shipyard Bilgin has just completed their largest superyacht to date, the 262ft Tatiana, which complies with the International Maritime Organization’s IMO Tier III certification requirements and features a special exhaust system that produces 100% clean air emissions.

Launch of Bilgin built superyacht Tatiana. Credit: Bilgin Yachts

Up and coming yacht design students are also keen to imagine a greener yachting future with creative concepts like French designer Julien Cadro’s ‘Ecoo’ superyacht, featuring an Avatar styled hull made out of bamboo fiber instead of steel, designed as part of the recent Rossinavi Design Challenge.

Raphael Suleau, CEO of superyacht charter and brokerage Fraser Yachts, has also noticed an increase in owners wishing to adhere to “green yachting” standards and clients asking for Eco-conscious superyacht charter options, including charters that offset emissions by “multi-tasking” and carrying out marine research activities while engaged as a charter yacht.

One such superyacht in Fraser’s charter fleet is the 251ft Yersin, a multi-purpose trans-ocean explorer yacht with ZERO emissions that can explore the globe without a trace and gain access to some of the most remote parts of the world thanks to its minimal impact on the environment.

Zero emission explorer yacht Yersin in the background. Credit: Fraser Yachts
M/Y Yersin. Credit: Fraser Yachts

Created for an owner whose inspiration stemmed from adventurers like Tintin and Commander Cousteau, M/Y Yersin has a research laboratory and hospital onboard and can be used for the scientific study of the unique marine life it encounters. Along with educational initiatives, guests and crew are also required to use chemical-free products and all garbage and waste required to be sorted and recycled accordingly.

In 2019 Fraser also acquired the new 183ft yacht M/Y Baba’s into its charter fleet which was built using engines that are fully compliant with the new International Maritime Organization directives on “clean exhaust”. These measures will be in force from 2021 onwards, so Baba’s is the first Pleasure Craft to embrace this technology more than two years ahead of the upcoming global standards.

M/Y Baba’s. Credit: Fraser Yachts

Guests onboard 109ft M/Y Robbie Bobby can take comfort that her owner see’s environmental issues as very important. He is trying to get rid of plastic water bottles, replace the water toys with electric ones in order to reduce consumption and pollution, and also change the tender and yacht’s engine to be more efficient.

Superyacht designers themselves are also actively looking to raise awareness in the industry, with superyacht designer Dan Lenard of renowned design house Nuvolari Lenard, embarking on a solo journey across the Atlantic Ocean in a 33ft sail boat made from abandoned performance yacht parts  in a bid to draw attention to the state of the oceans.

“While a public beach appears to be clean due to a meticulous daily cleaning of the appointed services, a yacht reaching for remote places is discovering easily the real sad state of beaches, coasts and also the water itself – plastic has now reached practically every part of the world’s seas”.

As a yacht designer for some of the most iconic superyacht builds to do date, Dan firmly believes it is the responsibility of each and every person to alter our actions and habits to ensure the preservation of our oceans.

As Dan Lenard says, “We can enjoy the sea or destroy the sea. It is a choice.”

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Turkey’s Largest Yacht Build and With 100% Clean Air Emissions by Bilgin Yachts



Bilgin Yachts of Turkey announces the launch of the first of three 80-metre yachts, marking the largest yacht ever built by a Turkish shipyard so far.
80 metre Bilgin Yachts 263 series superyacht Tatiana at launch Turkey
80m Tatiana the new largest build by a Turkish shipyard. Credit: Bilgin Yachts

The first of three 80m yachts from the Bilgin Yachts 263 series has just been launched at the West Istanbul Marina and named M/Y Tatiana. Bilgin Yachts have announced her to be the largest yacht ever built by a Turkish shipyard so far, however the record seems to be equal with another 80m yacht built by Turkish ship builders, Yachtley, in 2018 which was named M/Y Elements. Tatiana however, is built in compliance with IMO Tier III certification and is considered to be the most environmentally friendly yacht in her class featuring a special exhaust system that provides 100% clean air emissions. This leaves her uncontested with the crown for the largest eco-friendly yacht built in Turkey.

80 metre Bilgin Yachts 263 series superyacht Tatiana in water at marina Turkey
Tatiana is a Bilgin Yachts 263 series superyacht. Credit: Bilgin Yachts

M/Y Tatiana will now be outfitted and ready for delivery around the middle of 2020

Toby Sturge, representing Tatiana’s interior design, said “As H2 Yacht Design team, we focused on the owner’s wishes and turned them into a comfortable, luxurious yet functional interior. Timeless understatement is indeed the recurrent theme on board.”

All three of the commenced Bilgin 263 series have a steel hull and aluminium superstructure. The second and third Bilgin Yachts in the 263 series will both be delivered in 2021 with the third being produced alongside Bilgin’s 85-meter superyacht. Being 5 foot longer, once delivery occurs in 2023 she will be taking the record held by M/Y Tatiana.

80 metre Bilgin Yachts 263 series superyacht Tatiana lowered by crane Turkey
M/Y Tatiana has a steel hull and aluminium superstructure. Credit: Bilgin Yachts

M/Y TATIANA Brief Technical Specifications

  • Builder: Bilgin Yachts
  • Naval Architect: Unique Yacht Design
  • Exterior Design: Unique Yacht Design
  • Interior Design: H2 Yacht Design
  • Hull configuration: Displacement
  • Hull material: Steel
  • S/Structure material: Aluminium
  • LOA: 80.00m
  • LWL at full load: 71.01m
  • B.max: 12.20m
  • Draught at full load: 3.50m (approx)
  • Displacement at full load: 1,450t (approx)
  • Gross tonnage: 1,680gt
  • Fuel capacity: 155,000lt
  • Water capacity: 47,913lt
  • Main engines:MTU 16V 4000M73
  • Engines power: 2×2.560 kW @1,970 RPM
  • Maximum speed: 19 knots
  • Cruising speed: 15 knots
  • Range at cruising speed at half load: 5,000+ miles
80 metre Bilgin Yachts 263 series superyacht Tatiana sits off the coast in Turkey
Superyacht Tatiana sits off the coast of Turkey. Credit: Bilgin Yachts

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Amels Launches First Yacht for the 2020 Spring Season



Launched earlier this week, the Amels Limited Edition 260 is the first launch of spring season for the Dutch shipyard.
The Amels Limited Edition 260 launched. Credit: Tom Van Oossanen for Amels

Designed in collaboration with British designer Tim Heywood (exterior) and Italian designer Laura Sessa (interior), the 62.5 metre Amels 206 Limited Edition was launched at Amels shipyard in Vlissingen and is the first of three new Amels yacht builds to be delivered this spring.

Speaking on the launch, Build Captain Fraser Gow commented “It’s a wonderful build milestone to see her outside. Everyone’s done an exceptional job, particularly on the finish which you can really appreciate now she’s outside. We’re all very excited to commence sea trials and commissioning of all her systems ahead of delivery.”

The concept behind the Amels Limited Editions range is the ability to offer better value and minimise the build-time for new owners while still being able to provide as many customisation options as possible – essentially hitting the sweet spot between semi-custom and full custom builds.

The owner of this specific Amels 260 chose a light grey hull with a white superstructure highlight to complement the exterior lines, along with options like signature round windows in the Owners Suite and a Teppanyaki grill up on the 23 meter Sun Deck.

The Amels Limited Edition 260 launched. Credit: Tom Van Oossanen for Amels

Built to accommodate 12 guests in six suites, other features of the superyacht include private folding balconies for the owner and a 35 square meter beach club with garage space for two tenders and three jetskis.

Now that she’s been launched, the Amels 206 will head out to sea for commissioning and sea trials before final delivery to her owner later this Spring.

The Amels Limited Edition 260 launched. Credit: Tom Van Oossanen for Amels
The Amels Limited Edition 260 launched. Credit: Tom Van Oossanen for Amels

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