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Stormbreaker Explorer Yacht Concept Released by Theodoros Fotiadis



An explorer yacht designed for people who enjoy going off the grid and experiencing something unique every time they are on board.
Explorer yacht Stormbreaker sailing by Theodoros Fotiadis
Explorer yacht concept ‘Stormbreaker’. Credit: Theodoros Fotiadis

With a title like ‘Stormbreaker’ it’s no surprise that this go anywhere explorer yacht concept has been designed with a powerful and muscular exterior and razor sharp lines. If breaking through storms to get to some of the most remote places in the world is what you do, then you would also want to give your owner a front row seat to the show and Berlin based designer, Theodoros Fotiadis from T Fotiadis Bespoke Design, has done just that by including a super cool glass chamber that sits in the heart of the yachts structure like a jewel secure inside hard rock. With glass covering a significant amount of the explorer yachts surface, panoramic views and natural light will not be in short supply, coupled with the Panoramic 360 degree imaging system to record and broadcast live footage, nothing on an adventure will be missed.

Designed for an owner who wants to “conquer the elements, explore the world, and experience the exhilaration and tranquillity of global yachting first hand”, Theodoros’ concept imagines a yacht that is not only off the grid but also fitted with the latest communication system that will provide high bandwidth internet connectivity from the most remote destinations on earth. This will allow passengers and crew to stay hyper-connected even when they’re a long way from civilisation. To supplement this, explorer yacht Stormbreaker would have an interactive infotainment system for real-time voyage updates and a high-tech audio-visual experience.

Powering her across the globe will be a hybrid diesel electric system to create efficient propulsion for long range capability.

Explorer yacht Stormbreaker lounge by Theodoros Fotiadis
Walking in from Stormbreaker’s aft deck. Credit: Theodoros Fotiadis

Walking inside through large glass doors from the aft deck sees a large sheltered semi circle lounge area that is hugged from the other side by a bookcase. A little further on, an impressive cylindrical glass elevator and spiral staircase centers the room, inviting you upwards and into Stormbreaker’s quarters and expansive observation deck with a forward facing lounge and hanging pod chairs.

Explorer yacht Stormbreaker lift and staircase by Theodoros Fotiadis
Stormbreaker’s glass lift and spiral staircase. Credit: Theodoros Fotiadis
Explorer yacht Stormbreaker pod chairs by Theodoros
Plenty of comfortable seating in the Observation Lounge. Credit: Theodoros Fotiadis
Explorer yacht Stormbreaker observation lounge by Theodoros Fotiadis
Lounge around with expansive panoramic views. Credit: Theodoros Fotiadis

Getting to the other side of the world wouldn’t be as much fun if there weren’t also some toys, so explorer yacht Stormbreaker will also include a large tender garage to shelter a submarine or smaller boats and will include a beach club, gym-spa complex, pool, library and cigar lounge.

Explorer yacht Stormbreaker pool by Theodoros Fotiadis
The pool located in front of Stormbreaker’s superstructure. Credit: Theodoros Fotiadis
Explorer yacht Stormbreaker with helicopter by Theodoros Fotiadis
Explorer yacht Stormbreaker will also accommodate a helicopter. Credit: Theodoros Fotiadis

Stormbreaker also has the ability to land and hanger a helicopter towards the aft of the vessel so no shore line reached will be a barrier.

For those interested, project Stormbreaker is reportedly for sale by the founder of SuperYachtsMonaco Jim Evans, and is ready to be built at either 90 metres or 115 metres in length.

Superyachts & Marine

Wally Yachts Reveals First Hybrid Yacht: The 88ft WHY200



Monaco-based yacht builder Wally has revealed the design of their first-ever hybrid yacht – the spacious 88ft WHY200, offering 50% more living space compared to traditional designs of the same length.
Wally WHY200 Yacht Side
Wally Yachts new hybrid WHY200 “compact” superyacht. Credit: Wally/Ferretti Group

After more than 25 years creating some of the world’s most revolutionary sailing and power yachts, Italian based Wally Yachts has turned their hand to the “compact” superyacht category and have created the 88ft (27m) WHY200 – their response to the demand for a spacious design without the speed concessions of a displacement yacht.

Led by Wally founder and Chief Designer Luca Bassani and Ferretti Group’s engineering department, Wally Yachts worked alongside interior design firm A.Vallicelli & C Studio to create a streamlined design offering up to 50% more living space than a traditional yacht of the same length.

Wally WHY200 Yacht Starboard
Designed to offer up to 50% more living area than a traditional yacht of the same length. Credit: Wally/Ferretti Group

“In keeping the yacht registration under 24meters (78′ 8″) load line, we have been able to optimize the costs of running and berthing, while still providing the space and volume benefits of a much larger vessel thanks to its innovative full-wide-body design,” shared Stefano de Vivo, Wally Managing Director.

One of the design methods Wally enlisted to achieve more than 2,153 square feet of indoor living area was absorbing the space used for exterior walkways into a full-beam salon. This use of space created a significantly larger open-plan living area and, when joined to the glass-encased sky lounge by a carbon fiber staircase, makes a seamless transition between living spaces.

Wally WHY200 Yacht Living Area
Main living area connected to the sky-lounge above via the carbon fiber staircase. Credit: Wally/Ferretti Group
Wally WHY200 Yacht Top Deck
Wally WHY200 upstairs sky lounge area accessed via the internal staircase. Credit: Wally/Ferretti Group

Another stand-out feature of the Wally WHY200 is the owner’s suite located at the yacht’s bow. Wrapped on all sides by glass, the oversized owner’s suite offers a 200-degree view as far as the eye can see.

“Providing owners with an elevated experience onboard has always been central to our mission at Wally. We have had a longstanding vision to create a wrap-around main deck in glass that would provide so many lifestyle benefits to the owner and now finally the technology has made this possible, unlocking game-changing extra interior volume on this deck”, confirmed Luca Bassani, Wally Founder and Chief Designer. “It has allowed us to create a sensational and unprecedented 37-square-meter (398 square feet) owner’s suite at the bow, which takes the onboard experience to a whole new level. Imagine the feeling of waking up to uninterrupted 200-degree views through vast windows in the bow, as if you are floating above the water. It is a genuine marvel to behold, we are especially proud of what has been achieved with this revolutionary layout.”

Wally WHY200 Owner Suite
The owner’s suite at the yachts bow offers uninterrupted views. Credit: Wally/Ferretti Group

With the WHY200, Wally has also recognized a change in owners’ use of the outdoor living spaces over the years and have been mindful when designing spaces with ample shade from the sun and protective measures from the wind and rain. An extended pillarless overhang above the main deck aft and flanking glass panels provide shelter to the alfresco dining and lounging area, which has unobstructed views on three sides and seamlessly flows into the main salon past sliding full-height doors. The extended overhang also offers a larger upper deck aft, with space to recline on sunloungers or sit at the shaded dining table.

Wally WHY200 Yacht Stern
Wally WHY200 expandable beach club features three fold-out wings. Credit: Wally/Ferretti Group

Down on the beach club of the WHY200, guests can also enjoy access to the ocean via three expandable fold-out wings. Two concealed garages are also easily accessible and offer a tremendous amount of storage space for a yacht this size, including a four-meter tender and multiple water toys.

Wally WHY200 Yacht Aerial View
Includes two concealed garages for tenders and toys. Credit: Wally/Ferretti Group

The WHY200 is Wally’s first hybrid yacht and is optimized for both full- and semi-displacement cruising. Featuring an adaptive multi-propulsion system, the WHY200 is a balance between the voluminous but slower full displacement yachts and the restricted but lighting fast planing yachts. When making short trips, the crew can operate the WHY200 in hyper displacement mode to achieve a cruising speed of 20 knots, but when taking slower trips can switch to the economical long-range displacement mode.

No prices have been revealed yet however, Wally has indicated the WHY200 will make its official debut at the Ferretti Group Private Preview in Monaco this coming September.

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The Triton 3300/6 Personal Submersible Designed For Superyachts



The new Triton 3300/6 personal submersible is designed for superyacht owners and is the world’s first six-person acrylic-hulled submersible capable of diving depths of up to 3,300ft.
Triton 3300/6 Tiffany Blue
The Triton 3300/6 Personal Submersible for superyachts. Credit: Triton/Nick Verola

US-based Triton Submarines have shared the latest model to leave their workshop floor – the 3300/6 personal submersible in “Tiffany Blue” as per the owners request. As the world’s first 6-person acrylic-hulled sub ever to be constructed, the 3300/6 features the world’s largest transparent, spherical passenger compartment and offers up to 6 passengers at a time an underwater experience of a lifetime.

Built on the same platform as the Triton 3300/3, the 3300/6 can reach a diving depth of up to 3,300 ft (1000m) and is optimized for use and deployment from a superyacht. The latest model offers unparalleled space and comfort levels and addresses the demand from mega-yacht owners and tourism operators for a larger capacity submersible that allows for families and groups of guests to share the diving experience.

Triton 3300/6 Tiffany Blue Surface
The Triton 3300/6 beginning to dive below the surface. Credit: Triton/Nick Verola

Considered the highest-capacity, 3300ft rated personal submersible in the world, the Triton 3300/6 has been designed to carry up to 6 passengers and allows for generous amounts of head, shoulder, elbow, and legroom, although it can also be configured to accommodate only four passengers for the ultimate in passenger comfort.

Triton 3300/6 Tiffany Blue Diving
The Triton 3300/6 is capable of reaching depths up to 3300ft (1000m). Credit: Triton/ Nick Verola

Featuring a generously sized hatch that has been angled rearwards to maximize ease of boarding, the Triton 3300/6’s adjacent high-grip tread area makes it easy to board, and Triton’s signature ‘pontoon’ design ensures that throughout the boarding process, the submersible remains level and stable on the water.

Descending down the set of steps, passengers will find a luxuriously finished interior complete with hand-finished leather upholstery and the pilot’s seat located near the rear of the cabin. The passenger seats are located closer to the front of the acrylic “bubble” for an almost 360° view.

Triton 3300/6 Tiffany Blue Workshop
The 3300/6 is designed with superyacht storage in mind. Credit: Triton/Nick Verola

When not in use exploring the wonders of the ocean, the Triton 3300/6 can be stored, launched, and recovered from within a traditional superyacht tender garage and has a footprint similar to that of the 3300/3, but with a lower overall height.

Triton’s engineers will work collaboratively with yacht builders (for new builds) and the engineering team (for existing vessels) to establish the full requirements for efficient and seamless integration of a Triton submersible with a yacht.

By choosing to mount all external equipment lower down on the latest model, the Triton 3300/6 takes full advantage of the space between the dual-gantry tender lift arrangements typically found on superyachts.

Triton 3300/6 Tiffany Blue Workshop Floor
Triton’s engineer’s can advise new superyacht builds to ensure seamless integration. Credit: Triton/Nick Verolas

Additionally, Triton’s engineers are able to work collaboratively with shipyards for new builds and the engineering teams for existing yachts to ensure the seamless integration of an owners Triton submersible with their yacht.

While no price has been released for the new Triton 3300/6, the smaller 3-seater model is in the ballpark of $3 million. For more information visit Triton Submarines website.

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Superyachts & Marine

The New High-Security “Ultra2” Superyacht Concept by T. Fotiadis Design



Berlin-based T.Fotiadis Design shares their latest high-security superyacht concept, “Ultra2,” designed for the owner that desires the utmost privacy.
Ultra2 T Fotiadis Superyacht Bow View
The new Ulta2 superyacht concept from T.Fotiadis Design. Credit: T.Fotiadis Design

Following from their Stormbreaker superyacht concept, Berlin-based architecture and design firm T.Fotiadis Design has shared the latest vision to come from their creative drawing boards – the high-security superyacht concept known as “Ultra2”.

Measuring 311ft (94m) in length, Ultra2 has been designed with a focus on maximum security and aims to achieve “Ultra quality in both style and eco-friendliness” (hence the name).

Ultra2 T Fotiadis Superyacht Eco Friendly Side View
Named for the combination of ultra quality in both style and eco-friendliness. Credit: T.Fotiadis Design

Equipped with cutting-edge security and technology to ensure uncompromised privacy for guests, the Ultra2 superyacht offers a “unique safe core” that effortlessly melds into the contemporary design.

One of these specific features of the “core” is a diplomatic-grade secure meeting room, overseen by UK based security company PDP Projects, where the owner and guests can converse in the utmost privacy.

Ultra2 T Fotiadis Superyacht Bow Left View
Designed with a diplomatic-grade secure meeting room onboard. Credit: T.Fotiadis Design

T.Fotiadis Design has also envisioned an onboard environment where standard military counter-intelligence protocols and crew training will ensure the human element of privacy and security matches the technology standards on board.

Ultra2 T Fotiadis Superyacht Aft Detail
Crew will be trained to ensure privacy and security are of the utmost priority. Credit: T.Fotiadis Design

Should the superyacht concept go-ahead, UK-based security firm Romeo Foxtrot has been enlisted to oversee the crew training and tasked with overseeing the project construction to ensure security is maintained from the very start of the project build.

Ultra2 T Fotiadis Superyacht Aft View
Powered by an all-electric Azipod propulsion system and hybrid diesel electric motors. Credit: T.Fotiadis Design

Besides being a floating Fort Knox, the Ultra2 is an environmentally friendly superyacht. It utilizes an all-electric Azipod propulsion system and hybrid diesel-electric motors to achieve a maximum speed of 16 knots and a cruising speed of 14 knots.

Ultra2 T Fotiadis Superyacht Lounge
Oversized window panels for breathtaking views. Credit: T.Fotiadis Design

Onboard Ultra2 includes two swimming pools, a jacuzzi, and an Imax theatre for relaxation after business has been addressed. It also has storage for three tenders, two expedition RIB’s, an EC135 Eurocopter helicopter and wave runners, seabobs, kayaks, surfboards, and a waterslide to enjoy when anchored.

Ultra2 T Fotiadis Superyacht Grand Staircase
Central circular staircase connecting living spaces harmoniously. Credit: T.Fotiadis Design

While still only a concept at this stage, T. Fotiadis Design is welcoming inquiries from interested individuals looking for an Ultra2 of their own.

Ultra2 T Fotiadis Part Side View Sunset
Ultra2 T Fotiadis Superyacht Aerial Drone View

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