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Bugatti Showroom Returns To Paris After Almost 80 Years



For the first time in almost 80 years, Bugatti is returning to the capital of France and opening its doors to welcome guests into their new boutique in Neuilly-sur-Seine.
Bugatti Chiron Sport inside new showroom Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris
A Chiron Sport sits inside the new Bugatti showroom in Paris. Credit: Bugatti

Created in partnership with Groupe Schumacher, an automotive dealership with a luxury division, the new Paris based Bugatti showroom is the first to feature Bugatti’s new corporate design and will offer a small piece of the Molsheim experience in the French capital.

Located at ground level, especially to catch the attention of passers by and enthusiasts, the Neuilly-sur-Seine based showroom is in a city on the outskirts of western Paris and considered one of the wealthiest municipalities in France. It has also been home to the former President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Like the cars themselves the Bugatti showroom has been meticulously assembled with a proportional amount of manual craftsmanship. Bugatti has drawn subtle inspiration between its home in Molsheim covered in trees and fallow deer, by creating a lounge area in the Paris showroom that extends into an idyllic garden.

Edouard Schumacher and Stephan Winkelmann at the Bugatti showroom Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris
Edouard Schumacher and Stephan Winkelmann stand together. Credit: Bugatti
Paint and leather samples hang on the Bugatti showroom wall Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris
Paint and leather samples hang on the Bugatti showroom wall, Paris. Credit: Bugatti
Garden courtyard at the Bugatti showroom Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris
The garden courtyard at the Bugatti showroom, Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris. Credit: Bugatti

Groupe Schumacher CEO, Edouard Schumacher stated, “We envisioned a place where, in absolute discretion and confidentiality, we would be able to welcome our clients and give them a tailored service. A place in Paris where time stops.”

This new showroom marks a new return to Paris for Bugatti with the last corporate presence being there nearly 80 years ago. In the 1920’s, Bugatti founder Ettore set up the brand’s first showroom in the very same suburb as the new one today, however just on a different avenue. Neuilly-sur-Seine also happens to be the suburb in which Ettore spent his last days. As far as history goes, it is also interesting to note that Groupe Schumacher, Bugatti’s new showroom partner, started business in 1947, the same year Ettore passed away.

Merchandise at the Bugatti showroom Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris
Bugatti merchandise is also available. Credit: Bugatti
Inside the Chiron Sport at the Bugatti showroom Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris
Inside the Chiron Sport at the showroom in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris. Credit: Bugatti
Lounges inside the Bugatti showroom Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris
Lounges, because you wont want to leave in a hurry. Credit: Bugatti

“It’s a real honor for us to have been chosen by Bugatti to represent this iconic brand. We are particularly happy to be the first dealership in the world that proposes the new Bugatti visual identity”, states Edouard Schumacher.

Up until now, French locals have had to visit Bugatti headquarters at Molsheim, Alsace (approximately 4.5 hours drive), or one of nearby dealers in London, Switzerland or Monaco to make a purchase.

For those who are interested, the Bugatti Paris concession welcomes you at:
181 Avenue Achille Peretti in Neuilly-sur-Seine.
Hours: Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and by appointment.
Phone: 01 70 38 65 18
E-mail: contact@bugatti-paris.fr


Luxury Cars

New Supercar Company by Next Gen Marc Philipp Gemballa



Marc Philipp Gemballa, the son of late German auto tuner Uwe Gemballa, is building on his father’s auto legacy by starting a high performance car company.

A week out from this years Geneva Motor Show, Marc Philipp Gemballa the 26 year old son of legendary German auto tuner Uwe Gemballa, has announced his intentions to launch a brand new supercar company bearing his name “Marc Philipp Gemballa”.

The Next Generation of the Gemballa Family Name Marc Philipp Gemballa
The Next Generation of the Gemballa Family Name. Credit: Marc Philipp Gemballa

Revealing the announcement via social media, Marc revealed the fully funded project has been in development for almost two years and already has client orders.

Marc was also quick to note that while he will continue with the legacy of his father, this will not be the same tuning/body kit car brand and is an entirely new company, not to be confused with the currently operating Gemballa GmbH founded by his late father.

Marc Philipp Gemballa age 4, pictured with a Gemballa '911 in 1997
Marc Philipp Gemballa age 4, pictured with a Gemballa ‘911 in 1997. Credit: Marc Philipp Gemballa

While only a single teaser image has been provided, we do know the design is attributed to French car exterior designer Alan Derosier who has previously worked for brands like Chery, Faraday Future and Renault and was the project leader for the Porsche 908-04 concept car.

Other partners of the project include Michelin & BF Goodrich Tires (suppliers of heavy duty off-road/rally tires), German based KW Suspension (who actually test their suspension on the Nürburgring track) and Slovenian performance exhaust manufacturer Akrapovič.

Now all that remains is to wait for the big reveal this March at the Geneva International Motor Show held at the Palexpo Convention Centre.

Marc Philipp Gemballa uploaded a teaser of things to come
Marc Philipp Gemballa uploaded a teaser of things to come. Credit: Marc Philipp Gemballa

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Where the $2.2 Million Lotus EVIJA Will Be Produced



The new Lotus manufacturing facility in Hethel, UK is now ready for the testing and full-scale production of the fully-electric Lotus Evija.
Lotus Evija EV hypercar production facility light tunnel
Lotus Evija EV hypercar production facility light tunnel. Credit: Lotus Cars
  • The newest car production facility in the world according to Lotus
  • Interior is illuminated by more than 30,000 LED’s
  • All 130 examples of the $2.2 Million EV hypercar will be produced here

When the new fully-electric two seat Lotus Evija was announced in July last year, work was already underway to complete the new production facility where the EV hypercar would see its final testing and full scale production take place.

Lotus have now revealed the assembly hall is ready and some of the first examples to roll off the production line will be rolled out next door to undergo further testing on Lotus’ notable 2.2-mile circuit which has hosted testing and shake-down sessions with many Formula 1 legends such as Ayrton Senna, Emerson Fittipaldi, Jim Clark and others.

The new workspace will see Lotus hand-build up to 130 examples of the Evija with full-scale production expected to commence soon in the second half of 2020.

Phil Popham, the Lotus Cars CEO spoke to his 1400 employees and stated “With our new factory ready, we are ahead of the pack in the emerging EV hypercar segment and 100% ready for some healthy competition.”

Commenting on the new milestone for Lotus, Phil went on further to say “This is now the newest car production facility in the world, and to witness it move from the drawing board to reality has been deeply satisfying. It’s testament to the commitment of all involved, and is the perfect sleek and high-tech production home for the Evija at our iconic Hethel headquarters.”

Lotus Evija EV hypercar production facility gantry and crane
Gantries on 3 sides with an overhead crane. Credit: Lotus Cars
Lotus Evija EV hypercar production facility vehicle lift
One of the Evija production facility’s vehicle lifts. Credit: Lotus Cars

30,000 of the latest high-density, low-energy LEDs will shower the build hall that contains gantries on three sides, an overhead gantry crane, multiple vehicle lifts and a wheel alignment ramp. Lotus have also included a state-of-the-art light tunnel where rigorous final inspections take place before each Lotus Evija is driven out directly on to the test track for dynamic validation.

The last six months has reportedly seen the project involve the co-ordination of 20 specialist contractors and more than 50 experts.

Lotus Evija EV hypercar to be hand built at the production facility
Some of the Lotus Evija will be hand built. Credit: Lotus Cars
Lotus Evija EV hypercar to be hand built at the production facility
Every element of the Evija will be meticulously analysed and validated. Credit: Lotus Cars

Lotus Evija Specs

*Note these are target specifications

  • Name: Lotus Evija (Type 130)
  • Powertrain: Pure electric, 4WD
  • Power: The target is to be the most powerful production car in the world, at 2,000 PS
  • Battery power:  70 kw/h / 2,000 kW
  • Torque: 1,700 Nm with torque vectoring
  • 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph): Under three seconds
  • 0-300 km/h (0-186 mph): Under nine seconds
  • Max speed: In excess of 200 mph (320 km/h)
  • All-electric range (WLTP Combined): 250 miles (400 km)
  • Charging time (350kW charger): 18 mins
  • Weight: 1,680 kg
  • Production run: Maximum of 130 cars
  • Overall dimensions (L/W/H): 4,459 / 2,000 / 1,122 mm
  • Price: From £1.7m + duties and taxes Reservation process – £250k deposit secures a production slot
Lotus Evija EV hypercar interior
The Lotus Evija EV hypercar interior. Credit: Lotus Cars

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Czinger 21C Hypercar Revealed Ahead of 2020 Geneva Motor Show



The USA made $1.7 million hybrid hypercar with “in-line” seating and 3D printed parts has been unveiled by Czinger Vehicles ahead of its public debut at this years GIMS.
Czinger 21C hypercar parked at night on runway
The unique taillight of the Czinger 21C hypercar. Credit: Czinger Vehicles

If asked to rattle off a list of hypercars, there’s every chance you’d recall models from manufacturers like Koenigsegg or Bugatti. However, if you miss the Czinger 21C, you’d be forgiven for doing so given that the relatively young newcomers application to the “very fast car club” has only just been announced and is yet to be thoroughly scrutinized.

The Czinger 21C (pronounced “Zinger”) is designed and built in Los Angeles, California by Czinger Vehicles, named for its founder and CEO Kevin Czinger.

Czinger 21C hypercar parked at night with headlights
The 21C has a hybrid powertrain. Credit: Czinger Vehicles

Designed by a small team of designers, engineers and scientists, the all-wheel drive vehicle has been created using a patented production system using lightweight 3D printed high-performance and carbon-fibre structures for the chassis and is powered by a mid-vehicle located V8 hybrid engine, producing a total output of 1250hp.

During design Czinger Vehicles placed high priority on maximizing power-to-weight and power efficiency and with a dry weight under 1200kg, were able to achieve a true 1:1 power-to-weight ratio, allowing the C21 to reach 0-62mph (0-100kmh) in 1.9 seconds and a top speed of 236mph.

Hypercar Czinger 21C specification interior for Geneva International Motor Show 2020
The 21C’s specification interior for Geneva International Motor Show 2020. Credit: Czinger Vehicles
Hypercar Czinger 21C lightweight track configuration interior driver view for Geneva International Motor Show 2020
Czinger 21C lightweight track configuration interior. Credit: Czinger Vehicles

Another feature used to enhance the aerodynamic efficiency of the 21C is the “in-line” seating, configured to allow the second passenger to be seated directly behind the driver thus creating a slimmer cabin intended to pierce the air.

While Czinger Vehicles may be new as a brand, the origins of the technology and propriety production technologies involved in the making of the C21 has been in development for many years as part of another company Kevin Czinger is involved in, known as “Divergent”.

Czinger 21C hypercar parked at night side view
Only 80 examples of the Czinger 21C will be produced. Credit: Czinger Vehicles

Specializing in cutting-edge technology tools, the Divergent-Czinger partnership allowed synergy in the development of the production system, automation and optimization software, patented additive manufacturing processes, precision automated assembly processes and patented production materials involved in the making of the C21.

While keen to express the revolutionary nature of the technologies used to enhance manufacturing capabilities, Czinger Vehicles equally respect the 21st century role artisans play in coachbuilding, and each 21C is still assembled by a team of artisans responsible for the fit and finish of each and every part, down to the hand crafted carbon fiber and pristine paintwork.

Czinger 21C hypercar parked by Californian ocean road
The 21C has in-line seating for two. Credit: Czinger Vehicles

Only 80 C21 hypercars will be manufactured in total, divided between 25 units of the lighter 1151kg track-oriented version set for release in 2021 and 55 units of the slightly heavier 1183kg road focused version scheduled for 2023 delivery.

Both the road and track-orientated Czinger C21 versions will be on display at this years Geneva International Motor Show and will be officially introduced by founder and CEO Kevin Czinger.

Czinger 21C hypercar parked at Hollywood Boulevard
Designed and built in California. Credit: Czinger Vehicles

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